Adrian Burke, New York, USA

"As an American attorney I was shocked to find out that while my aunt and uncle were able to get Italian passports I was not because my father was born before 1948 to my Italian grandmother, whose father had immigrated to America as a child and became an American citizen only after my grandmother was born.

I discovered Luigi Paiano's law firm online, and after doing some research decided to retain his legal services in the hope that my father and I would some day be able to get Italian citizenship.
Luigi was very informative and explained exactly what I needed to do here in America and how the lawsuit in Italy would work. After obtaining all the documents necessary and sending them to him, he commenced legal proceedings.
The court ruled in our favor and ordered my father and I be recognized as Italian citizens.

The whole process went exactly as Luigi had described and within the time frame he estimated.

I whole heartedly recommend his services to anyone trying to overcome the "1948 Rule" and I am confident in his ethics, honesty, and professionalism.
He never promised me we would win, but he has been proved correct in his ability to deliver positive results for his client.

Thanks to him and the Italian judicial system my 93 year old grandmother was able to see her eldest son and only grandson recognized as Italian citizens - and as it happened the court's decision came out while I was in Sicily visiting the village of my great-grandfather's birth near Palermo."

Adrian Burke, New York, USA